Intuition is actually our first sense!

Around the world the movie “The Sixth Sense” experienced huge success when it was released, but my Guides and I have always maintained that our sixth sense – our intuition – is actually our first sense. I feel that intuition – our first level of sensitivity – has been repressed in so many of us that we see it now as something “other” to us to only call on when we’re in times of distress, rather than something that is “innate” to us to use as part of our everyday existence.

Not only that, but we position people who use their heightened intuition (like me) as “gifted” because we have replaced our ability to rely on our intuition in the first instance with all sorts of amazing technology that has evolved most of our intuitive sensitivity into redundancy. I see intuition as a tool – not a gift – and it is why I am so passionate about making it accessible via courses and sharing its benefits in channeling sessions and psychic readings.

So Where Did Our Intuition Go?

Don’t you wonder how people used to communicate before we had our current level of technology? When my Highest Guide Elizabeth was a girl and older in the 1500s, she tells me that they used to communicate via letter transported by horses. But even before this communication was sent, they would always have sensations that there was something going on that they needed to be aware of.

She finds it amazing that in our day and age we talk about intuition as the last sensation that we as human beings have at our disposal.

Think of cultures that came way before us that are thousands of years old. It was so important for them to feel and sense their environments as much as it was for them to hear, see, taste and be part of their environment.

Intuition is the first sense because it is the first one you link into before it creates everything else. You think about it – if you are nervous about a particular area of your life or if there is something going on that you need to be aware of – your intuition comes in and then you placate it by finding out the academic information. From the immediate feeling we build the rest of the story by reading, speaking, listening etc but our technology has made recognizing and using this first feeling all but redundant most of the time.

We now consider intuition to be an area on its own – or an extension of our other senses – when it fact it still triggers first to engage the other senses and build a picture of a situation for you and was the very first form of communication that we were given as humans.

In the same way, we often seek to elicit information from Guides rather than listening to ourselves first and using them to validate and confirm information because we doubt our own abilities and don’t trust that our intuition will lead us on a secure and confident path.

Our modern technology has given us many things but has it come at a far greater cost than we realize? Has it shot down our very first natural movement of communication – our intuition?

My Challenge To You

What if we tried to cut down our use of technology for two weeks – apart from what was essential? What if instead of calling a friend regularly you thought about them for two weeks and they thought about you and at the end of the time you compared what you both felt was happening for each other?

Parental instinct is widely acknowledged as being valid so why not all forms of instinct and intuition on an accessible, less “gifted” platform? Try using your intuition as your first and not your sixth sense and you’ll be surprised at how well it can work for you.