Free Psychic Love Reading

If you are looking for a free psychic love reading your best bet will be to try Oranum. Their offer at the moment is 9.99 free credits and this equals up to 10 minutes of live chat with a psychic of your choice. No credit card needed or any other payment details – just sign up, verify your email and get the free credits. Check them out here:


This is an introductory offer to new members only and is valid for a limited time. The free credits cannot be redeemed for cash or anything else except for a psychic reading with one of the advisors.

How to get a free love reading from a truest psychic

How to get your free love psychic reading

It’s pretty easy and straightforward. Join the Oranum website by clicking on the blue thingy above. Once you are there look at the top right corner and locate the “Join Now Free” button.  You don’t have to pick the psychic reader you wish to talk to at this point just yet. Create your free account first, verify it via your email and when you login and have your free credits on-hand go ahead and look around for the psychic you feel most comfortable talking to. It is highly recommended to take a good look at the available advisers and read their bios! Some of them are highly specialized in just a certain type of reading and might not be able to help you. Love psychic readings are one of the most popular ones so there will be plenty of advisers to choose from. Make sure you pay attention to how much each of them charges per minute. You have 9.99 free credits to spend and depending on the adviser this can translate to 10 minutes. But with others it get be just 2 or 3, so again – pay attention to the price per minute. If you find a reader who is charging $0.99 per minute this will be 10 full minutes and in most cases – your whole love reading will be practically free!

How come they give away all these free psychic readings?

Oranum is relatively new  to USA and Canada network. They have been a top rated psychic readings provider in Europe for many years but just recently expanded across the ocean. In order to attract new customers they are generous enough to provide each new member if the said 9.99 free credits to test their services. You can use your free balance for any kind of readings, not just love psychic reading. Oranum is a “full service” site and they have advisers specializing in just about anything you might need. From love reading to money and finance and from astrology to family issues, they have a hand-picked advisors ready to help you any time.

Love and relationship psychic readings

What ways of communication with the psychics are available?

The one downside of Oranum’s psychic readings is the fact that they all must be done via live chat. At the moment they don’t offer phone psychic readings or email or text readings. This is not a big issue for most of the users – it’s 2018 and folks are pretty tech-savvy in general! To get your free psychic reading you will need a computer or a mobile device like cell phone or a tablet. You will be basically live chatting with the psychic you want to and will be seeing and hearing them live. You are not required to have your camera on, it’s your choice and it’s perfectly fine to just watch them do their thing. When you want to ask a question just type it and they will see it and answer it right away. this live chat only option might not be popular with some folks but I;m sure most will enjoy it – it’s much better and way more personalized to see and hear your psychic live than to just hear them over the phone. At least this is my opinion and experience with them. Their website is super fast and responsive and there is virtually no lag – we can hear and see them in real time.


In conclusion

There are many websites who offer love psychic readings but the only one who actually provides it for free (if you stay within your free credits of course) is Oranum. There is no drawback here with this offer – it’s as good as it gets, absolutely free psychic reading! Join them now and get yours in just a few minutes!

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