Develop your psychic abilities

Seems a lot of people I come across these days want to develop their psychic abilities. We all have them. Some more so than others, but they are available to us. The first thing you need to do when trying to develop your abilities is to be aware.

Aware of thoughts, feelings, your intuition, how your body feels. Our bodies tell us things all the time via our chakra system. Chakras are our ‘energy portals’, each one “attached” to different parts of our body. If you are aware of your chakras, and your thoughts and what is going on around you, you will be able to tune into more and more. Think about how you feel when you walk into a room. You may feel good or you may feel uncomfortable. Being around some people might make you feel really good, while being around others might make you feel drained or fearful. This is all felt via the chakra system. Imagine being able to know what your chakras are, where they are located and what they are telling you.

Aside from just ‘practicing awareness’, one of the main ways to develop your abilities is to meditate. As you meditate and clear out all your ‘stuff’, you will realize just how you really feel. Not just what you think, but how different parts of your body feel at different times. You will be able to walk into a room, feel the energy coming from a source (person/place/thing), be able to identify it, and block it if need be.

As you practice this, meditation, being aware of what your body systems are telling you, clearing unwanted energy, you will find that the energy starts to flow better. With the energy will come the intuition. You will be able to feel what is going on with someone or something.

With more practice and meditation, you will find that during your meditations, or even while going about your daily activities, you will start to get information. Not just thoughts in your head, but epiphanies and ‘light bulb’ moments. Things will feel much clearer. You will realize that you are getting ‘messages’ to help you along your journey in this lifetime.

After more practice, you will find that you start to feel the energies of others and will be able to identify precisely what the energies are telling you. Then you will probably start to get information from them too. We all have energy in and around us. The energy contains information ~ you just need to meditate, practice awareness and pay attention.

These are all proven and tested ways to increase and develop your psychic abilities. But please in mind that it takes time! Nothing will happen overnight, time and practice are the key here. Don’t give up after a few attempts! Keep at it and you will see results. If you are super impatient and want a psychic reading right now – check this article how to get one for a very low cost or this one for a total free, up to 10 minutes reading.