Connect to Your Spirits

In her best-selling book Ask Your Guides, renowned psychic and spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette, talks about Guardian Angels and teaches how one can be a six-sensory, spirit-conscious person able to communicate directly with his/her spiritual support system and live a stress-free life.

Angels – Connect to Your Guides

Sonia Choquette says that all human beings are loved and supported by God that provides with all the support that they need so they can deal with the challenges that appear in life. According to the author there are three basic steps that one needs to follow in order to connect to his spiritual support:

  1. Regognise his/her spirit
  2. Notice what feed his/her spirit
  3. Become conscious of the spiritual energy in the human/animals and plants around

Doing so one can initiate contact with his/her guides on his/her inner journey in life in order to live a fear free life, says the author.

The author teaches about Guardian Angels in her best-selling book Ask Your Guides. She says that Christians have seven major Archangels while the Islamic religions recognize four. In Jewish faith, Metatron is believed to be the greatest Angel of all. The bible mentions 300 Angels. Choquette teaches about a Psychic support system that consists of many different levels of entities and spiritual forces. Angels are recognized as a major force in every faith tradition and it is one of the few things that all religions agree on.

Guardian Angels

The first spiritual forces listed in Ask Your Guides are the Guardian Angels. The authors labels them as the ‘personal bodyguards’ of all human beings that they connect to from when they are coming in life till the end of their journey. Guardian Angels look after people, guide them and keep them safe in all levels of their life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. There are different beliefs about when one connects to his Angels as many believe that it is upon conception, other at birth and other with the first laugh.

Ask Your Guides mentions some of the things that one should acknowledge in order to connect with his/her Guardian Angels are:

  • give a rest to intellectual resistance and analytical reasoning
  • accept their presence and realise that you only have to believe on them
  • be aware that angels work with spirits and higher selves to keep us safe and help us fulfil our destiny
  • be grateful when you feel stuck or disconnected by counting your blessings
  • be aware that Guardian Angels respond to positive communication and affirmation
  • be accepting and appreciative to receive more gifts
  • be aware that most times they appear when you most need them and you do not realise until you feel the reassuring energy they leave behind
  • be aware that they are the only spirits that cant appear in human form

Connect with Your Guardian Angels

The world angel derives from the Greek word “angelos” meaning messenger. Ask Your Guides teaches that the Guardian Angels are messengers that deliver people’s messages to the Divine God. The author suggests ways for one to invite his/her Guardian Angles:

  • play or sing uplifting melodies
  • talk loudly to them
  • thank them
  • write to them

Ask Your Guides teaches that people should feel good when they connect with their Guardian Angels and these spiritual forces will bring only positive impact in peoples life, make them feel good and succeed in life. People should then share their success with their Angels and thank them for their divine assistance.

Spiritual Guidance: Guardian Angels

God loves and supports all human beings that are guided from their Guardian Angels. After following the tree basic steps, one has to know the attributes of his/her Guardian Angel and try to communicate with them. When the first signs of positive impact and guidance appears in one’s life he/she should be grateful and thank his/her guardian angels that will continue guiding and nurturing him/her for the rest of his/her life.