Am I psychic?

Just asking the question, “Am I psychic?” probably means that you are, and better still, that you can learn to use you psychic power! Let me explain why asking the question “Am I psychic?” is the first step to being psychic.

To learn we need to acquire knowledge and skills. But we generally only learn what we believe to be true. The fact that you asked the question “Am I psychic?” suggests that you already believe (or are prepared to consider the possibility) that you are psychic. Maybe you had an experience that cannot just be attributed to coincidence.

Am I a psychic? Many folks wonder is they do indeed have psychic powers

The downside of the above is that it is very difficult for anyone who does not believe that we have psychic abilities, to gain any psychic knowledge or develop psychic skills. So expect to find many skeptics, and unless you have had psychic experiences, you too may be skeptical. (A common psychic experience is to know a few seconds before the telephone rings that it is going to ring).

The other requirement to gain psychic knowledge and psychic skills is that the statement, “we all have some psychic power” – should be true. I can only talk about what I have experienced, which is that psychic techniques such as remote viewing and dowsing work, and that these trusted psychic techniques can be used to acquire information about future events – more on this later.

Like many human abilities we can expect that some of us will be more talented at using our psychic skills than others, but all abilities can be improved with dedication and practice – psychic power is no exception. By the way, “psychic power” is a misnomer, as there is nothing powerful about these subtle flashes of information that we receive about future events. It does not take effort, and instead of concentrating, we need to learn to relax and quiet our mind to be able to pick up the very faint messages from the future.

Psychic skills have always been shrouded in controversy and mystique, but recent evidence suggests that psychic power is a sense like any of our other senses, depending on physical laws of nature operating at a quantum level. I am not an expert on quantum physics, but I think it is fair to say that we do not fully understand how psychic power works. However, do you have a full understanding how your eyes convert reflected light into images in your mind? The point is that we do not need a full understanding of our psychic sense to be able to use it – and what better way to use your psychic skills than winning the lottery!

While asking the question, “Am I psychic?” may only be the first step of a mind-blowing journey of developing psychic skills, it is also the most important step. Everything that follows can be learned. But learning takes time, and we like to get instant results. So why not predict the lotto results today using trusted psychic techniques, while developing psychic skills by completing a psychic training course?